Large Vintage Grain Sack with Double Rose Stripes

Large Vintage Grain Sack with Double Rose Stripes

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History and Beauty.

All of our grain sacks are originally from Hungary, and are between 80 and 100 years old - in fact, we can still find remnants of 100 year old grain in the stitching of our bags - it’s a veritable treasure hunt!

Each farm had their own distinct patterns on their grain sacks (see the colored stripes on our bag here) to differentiate theirs from other farms when they were sent to the mill. Each farm’s unique pattern ensured that the grain and the grain sack returned home safely after being sent to the mill.

Lovingly restored and designed to spread beauty and purpose.

Vintage Grain Sacks measure 19” in height, 19” in width with a 9" x 9” interior pocket, and 14” drop deep brown premium leather shoulder straps.
Vintage Grain Sacks are from Hungary, cut and sewn in our Los Angeles studio using premium US leather.
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