Simple Mudcloth Feed Bag

Simple Mudcloth Feed Bag

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We just had to add this second Mudcloth print to our collection because we loved it so much! Because of the unique, handmade Mudcloths we use, this pattern is available for a limited time only - so get yours while you can!
The grace, natural beauty and history of the black and white Mudcloths captured our eyes and hearts from the moment we saw them. We knew that this lovely tote would speak to a myriad of people across the board (including men..!) and it has. 

Sophisticated, earthy, jazzy, simply wonderful, we are proud to have this tote in our collection and will feature it as long as the cloths themselves are available to us.

Our 100% cotton Mudcloths used for these Feed Bags are ethically sourced from Mali, fully lined with our fog grey chambray fabric. 

Featuring a 7” x 7” interior pocket and premium brown moccasin leather straps with a drop of 11.5 perfect inches.

Mudcloths, called Bogolanfini, originate from Mali. “Bogo” means earth or mud, “lan” means with, and “fini” means cloth. Traditionally, these beautiful fabrics are hand dyed in baths of leaves and tree branches, painted with special mud in unique patterns, and then dried in the sun. As the mud dries, the fabric gets darker and darker! After being washed, the patterns are painted with a natural bleach and left to dry again. After its final wash, it is the stunning black and white fabric you see today.

16.5" height x 16" width x 3.5" depth

Made with mudcloths from Mali, premium US leather, and cut and sewn in our Los Angeles studio. 

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